Ghosts of Barcelona


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Barcelona, Spain

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What is hidden in the streets of Barcelona when night falls? What are the stories that marked the lives of the inhabitants of this city forever? Learn all about the paranormal mysteries of Barcelona in this guided evening walking tour, which has been based on the book by Sylvia Largarda Mata, around the historic medieval neighbourhoods of Sant Pere, Santa Caterina and La Ribera. You’ll see a side to the city that few locals and even less tourists are aware of.

On this walking tour your experienced and knowledgeable guide will tell you all about some of the terrifying and creepy events that have happened here since ancient times. Learn about exorcisms, witchcraft, haunted convents and ghostly apparitions in the very streets where these events took place in a mysterious, fun and enjoyable way.

Wander the haunted streets of the old town, as the tour takes you to past infamously haunted areas mentioned in the book such as the Arc de Triomf, Portal Nou, Plaça de Sant Pere, Carrer de la Flor de Lliri, Santa Caterina Market, Plaça de Marcús, Carrer Neu de Sant Cugat, Carre Rec, Carrer Montcada, Passeig del Born and Esparteria. Dare to walk around the hidden city that very few tourists ever get to see as you get to know the ghosts of Barcelona. An evening you’ll never forget and that is sure to linger in your memory of Barcelona. Are you brave enough?